Saturday, 22 September 2012

Carrot & Ginger Loaf

You'll have to forgive the very belated post, but every time I bake things lately it all gets eaten before I get a chance to take a photo (my fault for baking at weird hours, I guess), especially in the case where recently I baked some avocado brownies for a friend when I visited her in London (and I thoroughly recommend giving these a go!). Or I just haven't felt the urge to take photos. 

Anyway. I made this loaf a while ago having found the recipe in one of the BBC Good Food books I bought for a few quid which can be found here. I've become very fond of their books for simple, easy recipe that are often very adaptable. Call me a novice, but they work. I'm sure I made some changes - I always do - but needless to say it's a great recipe well worth trying. It didn't last long, either!

I promise to update a lot more this week. In the mean time feel free to stop by my food/recipe tumblr, Oh Yum!, which I started before this one to collect and document recipes and food photography. 

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