Monday, 18 June 2012

Millionaire's Shortbread

So. When I set out to make millionaire's shortbread last night, this wasn't what I was aiming to end up with. Things didn't go wrong, but they didn't go quite right either: first shortbread wasn't right, the tins I had weren't the right size and shape, so then I remembered my mum bought me some kids heart-shaped tins and that was that.
I wanted to make the shortbread pink/red, but that didn't really come through. By this point, I was doing it just to see if it would work.
And I think they did.
The shortbread isn't perfect, and neither is the caramel - I'm too lazy to temper the chocolate, too, but look! Look they came out of the tins in one piece. That's an achievement in itself sometimes. They have the seal of approval from my mum, so maybe if I can perfect the recipe I'll have something on the cards to try and flog. I could do with making some money out of this baking lark one day.

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