Saturday, 14 July 2012

Foacaccia with roasted cherry tomatoes, parmesan and basil.

Hold yourself, I do actually bake things that aren't sweet. Mostly it's bread, but you know, it does happen.

So yeah, bread. Specifically, focaccia.

When think of freshly baked bread and I smile, because I think of my dad baking it, and how eager I always was to get the first slice whilst it was a still warm, waiting to melt to butter onto it's beautiful, fluffy insides and perfect crisp crust.

I get the impression that a lot - or at least some - are a bit afraid of making bread because generally you have to deal with yeast, but to be honest, yeast isn't that scary at all. Perhaps it's just me and my luck with having a dad that makes amazing bread sometimes, but if you take your time then, really, it's okay. The best tip he probably gave me was to just let the yeast sit for a bit in either warm milk or water (depending what you're baking, and sometimes you don't need to do this), with a little sugar and left a warm place for a half hour or so with a towel over it. When a foam starts to form nicely - you're ready to go.


I've made bread successfully a few times now, although focaccia is the only other type of bread I've attempted other than the regular stuff you make toast with (unless cinnamon rolls count). This is also only the second time I've baked focaccia, and it came out a little bigger and rose a little higher than I'd aimed for, but still - it's light, fluffy and has just enough flavour. The dough was made with freshly chopped basil and topped with roasted cherry tomatoes, parmesan and a little more basil and olive oil.

 Mmm, tasty.

There are few things better than the smell of freshly baked bread so if you can bake your own, then I really urge you to have a go.


  1. This looks amazing.
    Nice cross lighting too...
    (The only bread I make is in a bread machine.)

  2. you make me so hungry.
    I would love to try bread some time if I have a nicer kitchen and oven. your focaccia looks delicious.

    We used to make our own bread at this camp I went to a long time ago and I can still recall the taste. We would eat it with a mix of strawberryjam and applesauce. It's so so perfect on fresh baked bread. Not very highclass cuisine, but still.